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  • Corsican Coppa
    Corsican Coppa (Sliced) – Coppa de Corse (Tranché)
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  • Corsican Lonzo
    Corsican Lonzo (100g Sliced) – Lonzo de Corse (100g, Tranché)
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  • Corsican Pork
    Corsican Pork Saucisson (Sliced) – Saucisson de Porc de Corse (Tranché)
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  • Corsican Saucisson Mixed Board – Saucisson de Corse Tranché Melange
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  • Corsican Wild Boar
    Corsican Wild Boar Sausage (Sliced) – Saucisson de sanglier de Corse (Tranché)
    £5.50 Add to basket
  • duck confit - single leg
    Duck Confit
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